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University of Illinois Extension 2019 Late Planting Checklist

University of Illinois Extension Specialists and Educators created the following checklist of common late planting questions. Corn planting continues in Illinois - should I change maturities? For planting by mid-June, the northern tiers of counties probably need hybrids that are 105 RM or less. On the I-80 corridor it should be 110 RM or less. If planting opportunities...

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2018 Crop Management Conferences Save the Dates

The 2018 University of Illinois Crop Management Conferences will be held as follows: January 24- Holiday Inn, Mt. Vernon January 31- University of Illinois Springfield February 7- iHotel and Conference Center, Champaign February 21- Kishwaukee College, Malta Look for registration information in early December....

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A Tree with Many Names and an Interesting History

It started with a phone call. The caller said "Several years ago a friend gave me some unusual fruit to put in my cabinet to keep away spiders. Can you tell me what it was and where I can get some more?" I am not sure how this call ended up with me but as a public servant I wanted to help, if I could. The caller could not supply much more information, so I started guessing. "Could it have been...

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New Corn Replanting Decision Aid

Deciding on whether or not to replant can be a difficult decision. Cutworm, compaction and seedling blight are some of the problems that can lead to reduced plant populations. The sight of an uneven reduced stand is often more than many farmers can take, but the desire to "fix-it" may not make sense agronomically or economically. For fields where the stand has been relatively evenly th...

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Drought Resource Website

The latest information from the University of Illinois on:  Dealing with Drought and Heat -  This site contains information on Crops, Livestock, Finances and Home & Garden...

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True Armyworm moth

Trapping Moths

Many of our agricultural insect pests do not overwinter in Illinois and have to migrate in every season. Monitoring that migration can supply us with information about how severe problems may be and when scouting should start. We currently have moth traps around the state monitoring the influx of Black Cutworm and True Armyworm moths. You can check results at this regional...

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