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Global Academy

Welcome to Riceworld: First Day at the International Rice Research Institute

ACES Global Academy Diary: Our first day at the International Rice Research Institute was mostly about getting the "lay of the land". We are staying at the IRRI guesthouse which is used to international travelers. The breakfast buffet options included scrambled or poached eggs, Canadian bacon, sausage, fried rice, pancakes, fresh mango and papaya, a sweet roll....

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Welcome to Riceworld

Aces Global Academy Diary: Sunday was a recovery day, it was 29 hours from take-off in Champaign until reaching hotel in Manila amazing and exhausting. Checked in at 1:30 am and woke up in time to check out at noon. Our hosts had arranged a walking tour of the old walled city in Manila called Intramuros (between the walls). We received a basic history lesson on the Philippines and saw some am...

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academy dc

ACES Global Academy trip to the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.

Tomorrow I will spend "two days" on airplanes. Last fall I was nominated by my boss, ACES Associate Dean and Director of Extension, Dr. George Czapar to be a fellow in this year's ACES Global Academy cohort. This program is funded by a generous private endowment to expose ACES faculty to international issues and facilitate collaboration with potential international research partners. This year's c...

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