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March 16th planted corn the afternoon of March 11th after early morning frost.
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Frosty concerns

Surface temperatures all around the state dipped below freezing yesterday morning, March 11th. Jim Angel provided a list of the minimum temperatures on his blog.
The Midwest Climate Center posted this map of the cold coverage:

In Champaign the early planted corn (March 16) in Emerson Nafziger's planting date study was showing about 50% damage yesterday afternoon. Since the growing points were still below ground the plants are still alive but the energy spent on top growth so far is lost. Plants will be under stress as they start regrowth and new tissue will have to push past the dead tissue.

I received numerous calls for forage producers concerned about the toxicity of frosted forages. Our cool season grasses and legumes have very little concern. It is really the sorghum species that have frost toxicity problems. The only concern with frosted alfalfa and clover is bloat. Feeding some dry hay before turning the livestock out or waiting for the forage to dry is normally all the caution that is required.

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