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Dead plant between two relatively slightly damaged plants.
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Frost Follow-up

We generally advise that, prior to the 4 leaf-collar stage, frost will destroy leaf tissue, but the growing point is below ground and protected. The plants will be stressed but alive. The April 11th freeze was severely damaging to the corn planted on March 16th in our planting date study. On that clear night around 1:00am the temperature dropped below 32 degrees and did not cross back above the line until the sun came up. I evaluated the plants a week after the freeze.

Around 13% of the plants were dead. Another 15% had the tops burnt off and showed only limited signs of regrowth. The original population of more than 36,000 is now about 23,000 viable plants per acre. We are going to continue to monitor some of these plants to better understand how much freeze damage they can withstand and still contribute to yield.

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