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Cover crop seeding experiment

This summer/fall I have the opportunity to assist with a on-farm cover crop seeding trial. I am evaluating several different seeding methods from a ground-based applicator. The first few rounds were planted/seeded last week until a welcome rain stopped them. Some of the units have actual ground contact and lightly incorporate the seed.

Looking at the strips this week shows some excellent results. Picture 2 (above) shows a great view down the row at the seedlings barely a week after seeding. A mix of annual ryegrass, clover and tillage radish was used. The radishes and ryegrass seedlings were about 3 inches tall. This picture was taken about 11 am and you can see from the sunlight and shadows, this field still has a significant canopy.

Hopefully the cover crops will take advantage of nutrients left over from this year's short crop and also provide some needed forage for the producer's cattle

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