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Additional Disaster Information

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA provides an online guide to federal assistance as well as an information library. To order catalog of publications, call: 1-800-480-2520

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers online disaster preparedness information and Community Disaster Education Materials that are available through local ARC Chapters.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency

This website presents information about IEMA, current and scheduled emergency management events, and measures you can take before, during and after disasters to protect you, your property and the environment.

Illinois Department of Insurance

The Illinois Department of Insurance offers an online Homeowners Disaster Guide that answers questions about insurance that homeowners may have after a disaster.

Illinois Department of Public Health

Available from your local Illinois health departments or the:  Division of Communications, 535 W. Jefferson St., Springfield, IL 62761
(217) 782-5750, TDD (hearing impaired use only) (800) 547-0466

  • Surviving Disasters: A Citizen's Emergency Handbook. (P.O. X31188-10M-6/94). Booklet, 44 pages.
  • After the Flood (Acrobat PDF). (P.O. #055009-25M-10/94). Booklet, 11 pages
  • How to Disinfect your Water Well. (1994). Videotape (closed captioned), 9 minutes 58 seconds.

Center for Mental Health Services

Publications can be ordered free of charge from:  
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 16C-26,
Rockville, MD 20857 (301)443-4735

Publication List
Publication # Publication Title  Date
SMA 94-3010 Disaster Response and Recovery: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals 1994
ADM 90-538 Training Manual for Human Service Workers in Major Disaster 1978/1990
ADM 86-1070 Manual for Child Health Workers in Major Disaster 1981/1986
ADM 87-1422 Disaster Work and Mental Health: Prevention and Control of Stress Among Workers 1985/1987
ADM 90-1390 Innovations in Mental Services to Disaster Victims 1985/1990
ADM 90-1408 Role Stressors and Supports for Emergency Workers 1985/1990
ADM 90-675 Crisis Intervention Programs for Disaster Victims in Smaller Communities 1979/1990
ADM 90-537 Field Manual for Human Service Workers in Major Disasters 1978/1990
ADM 90-1496 Prevention and Control of Stress Among Emergency Workers: A Pamphlet for Team Managers 1987/1990
ADM 90-1497 Prevention and Control of Stress Among Emergency Workers: A Pamphlet for Workers 1987/1990
ADM 87-1505 Human Problems in Major Disaster: Training Curriculum for Emergency Medical Personnel 1987/1990

Video List
Video # Video Title 
00-0001  Faces in the Fire: One Year Later
00-0002 Hurricane Blues
00-0003 Children and Trauma
00-0004 Voices of Wisdom (Seniors with Disaster) 
Spanish speaking version also available.

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