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Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters:
School Activities for Children

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Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters

Books for Grades 4-6

          Title:         About Disasters
          Author:        J. Berry
          Publisher:     Childrens Press
          Date:          1990
          ISBN No.:      0516029592
          Summary:       This book uses humorous illustrations and text to
                         discuss 12 different disasters and how to prepare
                         for and survive them, one of which is flooding.

Title: Flood Author: B. Knapp Publisher: Raintree Steck-Vaughn Date: 1990 ISBN No.: 0811423743 Summary: Describes some of the world's greatest flood disasters, why floods occur, and how people have learned to live with floods

Title: Floods Author: D. Fradin Publisher: Childrens Press Date: 1982 ISBN No.: 0516008560 Summary: Starting with the terrible 1976 floods in Colorado, this book discusses floods-causes, effects, and possible precautions>

Title: Help! Yelled Maxwell Author: J. Stevenson and E. Stevenson Publisher: Greenwillow Books Date: 1978 ISBN No.: 0688801331 Summary: When a flood threatens the town, Maxwell finds help in an unlikely place.

Title: Hobie Hanson, Greatest Hero of the Mall Author: J. Gilson Publisher: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books Date: 1989 ISBN No.: 0671706462 Summary: When his town is devastated by a flood, Hobie's fifth grade class is forced to meet every day in the shopping mall. Through a series of funny and daring escapades, it is clear that Hobie is without a doubt the greatest hero of the mall.

Title: Rain Drop Splash Author: A. Tresselt Publisher: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Date: 1946 ISBN No.: Summary: This book tells the story of how the rain continued to fall and went from a raindrop to an ocean with ships floating on it. Finally, the sun comes out and the rain stops.

Title: Storm in the Night Author: M. Stolz Publisher: Harper & Row Date: 1988 ISBN No: 0060259124 Summary: While sitting through a fearsome thunderstorm that has put the lights out, Thomas hears a story from grandfather's boyhood, when Grandfather was afraid of thunderstorms.

Title: The Day It Rained Forever Author: R. C. Lee Publisher: Little, Brown and Company Date: 1968 LC No.: 68012349 Summary: Heavy rains and flooding cut off Spring Valley and threaten to destroy the town, until a boy realizes that the rains are caused by a machine built by a scientist, now seriously ill in the hospital, and that it will rain forever unless he and his friends can turn off the machine.

Title: The Washout Author: C. Carrick Publisher: Seabury Press Date: 1978 ISBN No.: 0816432171 Summary: When a summer storm washes out the road, Christopher decides to row around the lake for help--and almost gets into serious trouble.

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