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Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters:
School Activities for Children

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Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters

Books for High School

          Title:         Connecticut Low
          Author:        B. Boehm
          Publisher:     Houghton Mifflin
          Date:          1980
          ISBN No.:      0395295181
          Summary:       This story deals with father and son
                         relationships, friendships and floods.  A 14-year-
                         old boy who feels he has been a disappointment to
                         his family proves himself by his heroic action
                         during a great flood in the Connecticut River

Title: Disaster Author: D. Sobol Publisher: Pocket Books Date: 1979 ISBN No.: 0671299395 Summary: This is a fictional story about disasters.

Title: Escape By Deluge Author: E. Wignell Publisher: Holiday House Date: 1989 ISBN No.: 0823408027 Summary: This is fictional story of teenager frightened by mysterious noises in the basement that she must explore to relieve her fear. Although fiction, the story is based on a flood that occurred in Melbourne, Australian in 1972.

Title: Great Disasters Author: Henry Billings Publisher: Steck-Vaughn Date: 1990 ISBN No. 081144175x Summary: This is a paperback workbook that teaches about numerous disasters, including floods, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. The activities include multiple choice questions, crossword puzzles, and fill-in-the-blanks

Title: Nature Gone Wild! Author: W. Olesky Publisher: Messner Date: 1982 ISBN No.: 0671440071 Summary: This author describes notable tornadoes, cyclones, floods, hurricanes, fires and volcano disasters of recent times.

Title: The Day It Rained Forever: A Story of the Johnstown Flood Author: Virginia T. Gross Publisher: Viking, New York Date: 1991 ISBN No.: 0670835528 Summary: A detailed description of the effects of the famous Johnstown Flood, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Title: Tornado! Author: H. Milton Publisher: Watts Date: 1983 ISBN No.: 0531045420 Summary: This is a fictional account dealing with floods and tornadoes. A fourteen-year old boy named Paul, and his mother and sister wander in desperate need of medical attention as a result of a snake bite. Paul shows heroism and resourcefulness

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