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Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters:
School Activities for Children

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Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters

Books for Grades K-3

          Title:         A Rainy Day
          Author:        S. Markle
          Publisher:     Orchard Books
          Date:          1993
          ISBN No.:      0531059766
          Summary:       Examines simple scientific concepts by observing
                         the effect of raindrops on puddles, the sky,                         animals, and the surrounding landscape on a rainy

Title: All-of-a-Sudden Susan Author: E. Coatsworth Publisher: Macmillan Date: 1974 ISBN No.: 0027226107 Summary: When a family rushes to higher ground to avoid a flood, they discover that their daughter Susan and her magic doll were not with them. Susan and Emelida, the doll, display optimistic courage as heroines.

Title: And It Rained Author: E. Raskin Publisher: Atheneum Date: 1969 LC No.: 6918967 Summary: A pig, a parrot and potto try to solve the problem of rain during their tea parties. The rain makes their tea too weak and their biscuits too soft. They finally decide to start with strong tea and very hard biscuits, then when it rains on their party they are very happy.

Title: City Storm Author: M. J. Parker Publisher: Scholastic Date: 1990 ISBN No.: 059042307X Summary: Illustrations and a brief text capture the dramatic moments of a sudden storm.

Title: Come a Tide Author: G. E. Lyon Publisher: Orchard Books Date: 1990 ISBN No.: 0531058549 Summary: This book uses the diction and homey imagery of a down-to-earth rural community and first-person text (of a Grandma) to portray the sturdy qualities of respond to a flood with common sense and humor.

Title: Euphonia and the Flood Author: M. Calhoun Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press Date: 1976 ISBN No.: 0819308366 Summary: Curious to see where the flood is going, an old woman packs her broom and pig into her boat and sets out to follow it.

Title: Hang On, Hester! Author: W. Devlin Publisher: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Date: 1980 ISBN No.: 0688419356 Summary: Hester courageously hangs on to her house when it is swept downriver during a flood.

Title: Rain Author: D. Bennett Publisher: Bantam Date: 1982 ISBN No.: 0553054740 Summary: A cuddly bear tells the scientific principles of how (1) water changes to water vapor, (2) water vapor rises and forms clouds, (3) how water droplets join together to form larger clouds, and (4) clouds that are too heavy release raindrops

Title: Weather or Not: Riddles For Rain and Shine Author: W. Walton Publisher: Lemer Publications Date: 1990 ISBN No.: 0822523299 Summary: A collection of riddles about weather, including "What do clouds wear under their raincoats? Thunderwear.

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