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Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters:
School Activities for Children

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Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters

Books for Middle/Junior High School

          Title:         Angry Waters: Floods and Their Control
          Author:        R. V. Fodor
          Publisher:     Dodd, Mead
          Date:          1980
          ISBN No.:      0396077994
          Summary:       Discusses the causes of floods, how they are
                         forecast, and how they may be prevented.

Title: Coping With Natural Disasters Author: C. Arnold Publisher: Walker & Co. Date: 1988 ISBN No.: 0802767168 Summary: The author of this book devotes a chapter to each of several natural disasters, including one on floods. She concludes with practical advice on how to cope with disaster, and the kind of supplies to keep on hand. This has somewhat of textbook approach but good factual information.

Title: Disastrous Floods and Tidal Waves Author: M. Berger Publisher: Watts Date: 1981 ISBN No. 0531043266 Summary: Describes kinds of floods, including those caused by tsunamis and hurricanes, flood watches and warnings, rivers that are flood prone, preventive measures, and various floods of the past.

Title: Night of the Twisters Author: I. Ruckman Publisher: Crowell Date: 1984 ISBN No.: 069044089 Summary: This is the story of how Dan, his best friend, and brother take refuge in their basement as a tornado takes place above. This is the harrowing story of a day like any other turned-almost without warning-into a nightmare that abounds with courage, love and hope

Title: No Way Out Author: I. Ruckman Publisher: Crowell Date: 1988 ISBN No.: 0690046715 Summary: Hiking along a river in Utah, a nineteen-year-old and her friends battle a flash flood.

Title: Our Violent Earth Author: National Geographic Society Publisher: National Geographic Society Date: 1982 ISBN No.: 0870443836 Summary: Describes the causes and effects of such geologic and atmospheric phenomena as earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, droughts, fires, and floods.

Title: The Terrible Wave: Memorial Edition Author: M. Dahlstedt Publisher: Dahlstedt Date: 1988 ISBN No.: 0962182702 Summary: During the disastrous flood of 1889 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a spoiled teen-age girl learns to accept responsibility as she and her friends search for their families.

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