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Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters:
School Activities for Children

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Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters

Books for Preschool



          Title:         Ben's Dream
          Author:        C. Van Allsburg
          Publisher:     Houghton Mifflin
          Date:          1982
          ISBN No.:      0395320844
          Summary:       While studying for a geography test, Ben falls
                         asleep listening to the rain.  In a wordless
                         sequence he dreams of traveling among landmarks of
                         the world, all submerged in a flood carrying him

Title: Drip, Drop Author: D. Carrick Publisher: Picture Book Studio Date: 1989 ISBN No.: 0887081215 Summary: This book has a watery theme with raindrops falling through a hole in the roof. Details about boats add to the theme of wetness.

Title: Muffel and Plums Author: L. Fromm Publisher: Macmillan Date: 1972 LC No.: 7285184 Summary: A whiskery lion and his small friend experience humorous adventures, including dealing with rain.

Title: Mushroom in the Rain Author: M. Ginsburg Publisher: Mcmillan Date: 1974 ISBN No.: 00273624OX Summary: How can an ant, butterfly, mouse, sparrow, and rabbit all take shelter from the rain under the same mushroom when originally there was room only for the ant?

Title: Noah's Ark Author: P. Spier Publisher: Doubleday Date: 1977 ISBN No. 0385094736 Summary: This is a pen and water colored portrayal of the biblical story of Noah's ark. The traditional story of the great flood is told with humor and insight.

Title: Oh, No, Go (a Play) Author: D. McPhail Publisher: Little Brown Date: 1973 LC No.: 738144 Summary: A hot-air balloon lands, becomes a tent, and the basket becomes a ticket booth. Animals buy tickets and become the audience for an imaginative play of few words. As the actor fishes, water flows off the stage and floods the audience.

Title: Peter Spier's Rain Author: P. Spier Publisher: Doubleday Date: 1982 ISBN No.: 0385241054 Summary: As storm clouds gather, a brother and sister play outside, then explore the many aspects of a rainy day. Wet weather activities outside, followed by a warm bath and cozy indoor activities are shown in detailed watercolors.

Title: Silver Pony Author: L. ward Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Date: 1973 ISBN No.: 0395147530 Summary: On the back of a winged horse a midwestern boy explores the world beyond his farm. He rescues flood victims and a lost lamb. The illustrations show fantasy and farm reality.

Title: Sun's Up Author: T. Euvremer Publisher: Crown Date: 1987 ISBN No.: 0517564327 Summary: Story about sunshine and the cycles it creates. The sun rises from his bed in the morning, spends the day moving across the sky while engaged in different activities, and goes to sleep as night falls.

Title: The Flood That Came to Grandma's House Author: L. Stallone Publisher: Upshur Date: 1992 ISBN No.: 0912975024 Summary: This story begins with the first day of rain from hurricane Agnes and pulls the reader through the drama as the citizens sandbag the river but are finally forced to evacuate. Humorous but realistic illustrations show children exactly what happens inside a house that is filled with water and the mess left in its wake. It also reassures how natural disasters are handled.

Title: The Weather Author: J. Blanco Publisher: Child's Play Press Date: 1975 ISBN No.: 085953037X Summary: Rain in the late spring, a nighttime storm at sea, and children playing in the snow in an alpine setting form three colorful short stories in this book.

Title: Up To Ten and Down Again Author: L. Ernst Publisher: Lothrop Lee and Shepard Date: 1986 ISBN No. 0688045413 Summary: A story about children swimming with ducks and a rainstorm appears. Illustrations resemble snapshots in an album. The numbers from one to ten are introduced as a picnic is begun, enjoyed, and then rained out

Title: Water Author: C.S. Vendrell and J.M. Parramon Publisher: Woodbury Date: 1985 ISBN No.: 0812035992 Summary: This simple picture books shows how water is included in many events in our lives, including, for drinking, for cooking, for washing, in fountains, for putting out fires, to sail on, and to make rainbows.

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