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Over the Garden Fence

Where gardeners come to find out what's happening out in the yard.

Keep Ahead of Those Pantry Pests

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

  Bakers in the family and everyone else who enjoy the benefits really like the holidays. Lots of cookies, cakes and pies are baked during the holiday season. It is not the baked goods that will give households any problems, but what comes later with the leftover flour. Pantry pests are those tiny grain beetles and flour moths live in and feed on the leftover flour. This phenome...

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Out in the Yard in Late November

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

  The weather has caught us all by surprise and there can be some leftover gardening projects still unfinished. If that bag or box of spring flowering bulbs is still sitting in the garage, the ground is not frozen and planting those bulbs will be easy. Follow the directions for proper planting depth and put some bone meal in the bottom of the hole as part of the planting process. We are...

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