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Over the Garden Fence

Where gardeners come to find out what's happening out in the yard.

Water and Weeds

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

Right now, there is plenty of soil moisture with all the recent rains. Even when the top of the soil seems dry, dig down just a little bit, and the moisture is there. Established plants are doing well as is the lawn. Gardeners will still be watering in any new transplants, trees, shrubs or evergreens; not because the soil is dry, but rather to settle the soil around the plants so roots do not d...

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Edging and Mulching Landscape Beds

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

Here we are, nearing the end of May. Maybe the beds in the backyard look OK, or maybe not? We love our lawns, yet grass can move into our landscape beds in a stealth-like manner while we are waiting for better weather for weeding and edging. Putting a strong clean line on the landscape beds really makes a difference in how they look. It brings out the strong curves that make the bed flo...

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Managing Crabgrass Now for Next Year

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

Relying on chemical crabgrass preventer is just one strategy homeowners can employ to reduce the potential of crabgrass in the home lawn. Crabgrass preventers also will prevent other annual grassy weeds, like the foxtails, and a few broadleaved weeds, like annual chickweed. These products are reliable and will do the job as advertised, as long as the products are applied in a timely manner....

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