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Over the Garden Fence

Where gardeners come to find out what's happening out in the yard.
Over the Garden Fence - FAQs

Why are My Plants Bigger Than Normal? (and other FAQs from the Help Desk)

It's been a different winter, spring and start to summer than we're used to, and it shows in the questions our Master Gardener Help Desk receives. Here's a quick summary of those questions coming in via phone, email and walk-ins last couple of weeks. Q: Why are my perennials in the yard bigger than ever before? A: While we have been cursing all the rai...

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Finally Some Drier Weather

Gardeners and farmers have had a chance to catch up on planting (finally). As I was traveling south, then east, before coming back north, I saw a lot of the state over the last week, and it showed just how behind planting corn and soybeans has been, with many fields just now being worked and planted. Gardeners now have been able to work the garden soil and edge landscape beds with proper soil...

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Warning: This Growing Season will be Different

We finally got some dry days to catch up on planting the family vegetable garden and dealing with the landscape beds, weeding, edging, and putting down composts and other kinds of organic matter. Unlike the farmer who has to make some hard planting decisions this late in the season, our annual plants are going to grow and flower. We just may need to plant a few more annual flowers to get the b...

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Over the Garden Fence - swarming insects

Swarming Insects this Season

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

What do bees, ants, and termites have in common? At some point in the year, they all swarm. Our honeybee may be the most obvious as the queen gathers up thousands of support bees from the existing hive and heads off to find another location to set up shop. You may see those swarms hanging in trees or somewhere on the home under an eave. Sometimes they cling to parked cars and trucks before movi...

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