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Over the Garden Fence

Where gardeners come to find out what's happening out in the yard.
Over the Garden Fence - plant lawn diseases

Problems with Plant Diseases

We all know how different the weather pattern has been this year. Foliar plant diseases develop when weather conditions are right, allowing the pathogens to grow and infect our plants. Our extended cooler spring temperatures and abundance of rainfall allowed those early spring foliar diseases more time to develop. Even disease-resistant plants have been showing signs this year with the...

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Plan a Place for Pollinators

If you enjoy fruits like blueberries and apples, or if you plant summer squash or fall pumpkins in your garden, you have a reason to protect our pollinators. Without pollinators, including butterflies and bees, the flowering plants they visit would not produce food. The pollination process also helps provide fibers, medicines, and other products, and it provides food and habitat for wil...

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Over the Garden Fence - Mushroom Mysteries

Mushroom Mysteries

You wake up in the morning, take the cup of coffee to the patio, sit down, and gaze out into the yard and BANG… mushrooms. It is like the book 'I Spy,' you never know where you will find them. While I have been known to say you can never have too much organic matter, that is exactly the environment that promotes decay fungi, which will provide us that mushroom show. They may be those tiny nearl...

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Over the Garden Fence - TLC gardens

Flowerbeds and Vegetable Gardens Need TLC

No one wants to hear the word "rain" these days. Clearly all the wet weather has changed the way we planted the vegetable garden and our flowerbeds this year. I have heard people describe spring plantings as "I went ahead and mudded them in." Not the best practice for seeding and transplanting, of course, yet the plants and seeds got in the ground. The result of all that "mudding in" likely lef...

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Over the Garden Fence - FAQs

Why are My Plants Bigger Than Normal? (and other FAQs from the Help Desk)

It's been a different winter, spring and start to summer than we're used to, and it shows in the questions our Master Gardener Help Desk receives. Here's a quick summary of those questions coming in via phone, email and walk-ins last couple of weeks. Q: Why are my perennials in the yard bigger than ever before? A: While we have been cursing all the rai...

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Finally Some Drier Weather

Gardeners and farmers have had a chance to catch up on planting (finally). As I was traveling south, then east, before coming back north, I saw a lot of the state over the last week, and it showed just how behind planting corn and soybeans has been, with many fields just now being worked and planted. Gardeners now have been able to work the garden soil and edge landscape beds with proper soil...

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Warning: This Growing Season will be Different

We finally got some dry days to catch up on planting the family vegetable garden and dealing with the landscape beds, weeding, edging, and putting down composts and other kinds of organic matter. Unlike the farmer who has to make some hard planting decisions this late in the season, our annual plants are going to grow and flower. We just may need to plant a few more annual flowers to get the b...

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