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Continuing Education Reminders

Posted by Sarah Navrotski -

I have had several questions recently about the continuing education requirements. Here are just a few reminders that might clarify some things.

1. A minimum of 10 hours of continuing education is required.

2. Many events qualify: educational updates/classes/training, attendance at other horticulture programs/classes/events sponsored by Illinois Extension; the annual Master Gardener Conference; credit or non-credit classes of a horticulture nature at a certified college or community junior college; classes of a horticulture nature at the Morton Arboretum, Chicago Botanic Garden or Cantigny; horticulture professional association classes or short courses (ILCA, IL Arborist Association, Hort.Therapy Association, Perennial Plant Association, Community Garden Association, etc.).

3. Please check the list of continuing education events on the database to see if the class you are interested in is listed before "suggesting" an event.

4. Classes at garden centers, nurseries or garden clubs do not qualify as continuing education.

5. Master Gardener Lunch Lessons, Four Seasons telenets and the Spring Into Gardening series will count.


7. If you attend a day long conference/seminar you should only count the hours spent learning. Sorry, but lunch doesn't count.

Please contact Sarah if you have any questions.

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