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Vine Crops – Bugs and Disease

Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini, Pumpkins and Melons are all considered vine crops out there in the garden. Cucumbers are known for attracting cucumber beetles and a disease called cucumber wilt. Squash attract the squash bug and squash vine borer and a disease called powdery mildew. Pumpkins have issues with the squash bug and powdery mildew as well. How you handle these insects and diseases can make...

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Cool Weather and Plant Development

Plants in the garden (and insects too) develop based on something called "Growing Degree Days" or GDD for short. This is an accumulation of heat units using a base of 50 degrees. For every degree above fifty goes towards the growing degree-days and plant development. Most of us do not follow GDD, but really on the catalog or seed packet information on how long it takes to go from seed to harvest....

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Where Did All The Weeds Come From?

In China it is the year of the snake, but here in the Midwest most gardeners will agree it seems to be the year of the weed. Weeds are everywhere and are not even slowing down as summer moves along. Master Gardeners have been very busy with clientele bringing anything from a single weed to an entire bushel basket full of weeds pulled from the yard. Weed seeds typically germinate in the spring...

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Storm Damage in your Landscape

Storm damage can now be added to our list of what has happened to our landscape plants. The drought of 2012 started things off creating lots of stressed trees, shrubs and evergreens. Recently planted and very mature plants were affected as well as everything in between. Jump ahead to the winter of 2013-2014, where we saw very cold winter temperatures above ground and the frost below ground. One br...

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