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winter leaves

Plants Coping with the Weather

Plants have had quite a time dealing with the very cold weather and blustery winter winds. The lucky ones are currently under the snow and well protected. Soil temperatures remain constant and while covered by the snow, temperatures around the stems, twigs, foliage or buds are protected from the dry cold winter winds. One of our best defenses against winter damage is making sure our pla...

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Get Ready for Dormant Oil on Fruit Trees

While it is a bit early yet for home orchardists to begin a spray program, Extension offices have begun to get phone and email inquiries on timing for dormant oil sprays on fruit trees in home orchards and calls on managing Cedar Apple Rust and Apple Scab fungal diseases....

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Weather Damaged Plants

Our recent winter weather patterns have caused concern from homeowners especially with our last snow storm. That snow came down quickly and was able to stick to and add a lot of weight to tree canopies and evergreen branches alike. Unless there is a compelling reason to...

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Forcing blooms From the Yard

Early spring flowering shrubs and ornamental trees produce their flower buds by late summer of the previous year. We can begin to enjoy spring bloom as early as mid to late February. Start by selecting branches loaded with flower buds. You can identify the flower buds as they are larger and more round than those buds that will just be producing leaves. Knowing the kind of flowering shrubs and tree...

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