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What is with the Weather?

Last week we experienced some of that "What did you expect, it's Northern Illinois" kind of weather. This week the forecast is still for cooling night time temperatures and trending up after that. This is that wake up call to remind us that we should be gardening by the weather and not rely on just calendar dates. Setting out the tender and warm loving vegetables will not be getting a...

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Out in the Yard and Garden

Lawns have been turning green since the rains have shown up and some lawns have already been mowed for the first time. The south and west exposures may need to be mowed before the rest of the yard. As you get ready to mow for the first time in your yard, be sure the mower deck is clear of any grass clippings from last year and while the deck is raised up, remove, sharpen and replace the cutting bl...

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Moles and Voles Oh My!

Winter weather can certainly take its toll on our ornamental plants, flower bud killing temperatures, heaving our plants out of the soil, maybe even killing our plants down to the ground to start over and the needle desiccation of our evergreens. Another unwelcome surprise many gardeners are finding is the damage from Voles that hid under all our snow this winter. Voles are active year round a...

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