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viburnum leaf beetle larvae damage

The New Guy in Town

Reports have been scattered, but throughout Cook and DuPage counties, homeowner's have discovered an unfamiliar foliage insect feeding on their viburnums in the landscape. This turns out to be yet another insect pest from a foreign land, the Viburnum Leaf Beetle. Like many of the insects that are not native to the United States, the source for this beetle happens to be Europe (the Emerald Ash Bore...

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Boy, is it wet out there

The continued rain is causing gardeners a lot of grief on a few different levels. Last column, we covered the abundance of mushrooms being discovered in just about every bed in the landscape. As long as this weather pattern continues, so will the mushrooms. Best rule on mushrooms is to leave them be and watch your pets carefully so they do not eat them. Out in the vegetable garden, foliage dis...

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Glimmerschueppling Hexenring

There's Fungus Among Us!

All our recent rain and cooler night and daytime temperatures have given homeowners a surprise in the yard in the form of a variety of mushrooms growing in unexpected places. Nationally, there are about 10,000 known species of mushrooms. Mushrooms are the "fruiting" structure of the fungus below the surface of the lawn, shrub bed and around the cut stumps of our many ash trees that have been r...

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256px-Fallopia convolvulus1pl

Weeds in Your Beds

Rain is always a good thing most of the time for our landscape and gardens. Right now all the rain has brought us all the weeds we can ever imagine in every bed we have. Ignore those weeds and let them flower and set seeds and the landscape begins to look like a jungle of green really quickly. For every square foot of soil in the top inch there are very likely many thousands of weed seeds just wai...

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