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Developing Oak Marble gall

Of All the Gall

This season gardeners have been seeing lots of lumps, bumps and blobs on different kinds of leaves throughout the landscape, in parks and the forest preserves. It is not uncommon as this occurs annually, what is uncommon is the generous number of these growths we are seeing. These are generally known as plant galls. The Master Gardener Help Desks are seeing quite a few branches with galls on t...

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Tomato plant

Gardening with Tomatoes in 2015

The recent issue of the issue of the University of Illinois Extension Home Yard and Garden newsletter states that the growing degree days for our area (recorded at St. Charles) have recorded more days than our 11 year average of 865, at 1056. Gardeners then would have expected better plant growth of our vegetables. Clearly the vegetables have not been reading the reports! Home gardeners should...

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StateLibQld 1 107288 Groundsmen mowing the lawn on a tennis court at Clayfield  ca  1925  1

Out in the Yard

Our rains have really been messing with us when it comes to routine yard work. Keeping the weeds under control is a real challenge right now. Every day we are not able to work in the beds, those weeds keep right on growing. Gardeners with smaller garden beds can lean in while staying on the lawn allows for some hand weeding. At least the moist soil makes pulling those weeds easier. Previous column...

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