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Still Time to Garden in all the beds

Successive plantings in the vegetable garden can still be done when home gardeners pick the right vegetables. Late summer into early fall is a great time to make a...

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Yellow Jackets and Hornets

While there is a lot of summer left, now is the time homeowners are discovering nests of a variety of flying, swarming and potentially stinging wasps and hornets in the home landscaping. In nearly all cases, homeowners have been unaware that a nest even exists in the yard until one day when foliage starts to change color or the nest itself grows in size and becomes much more visible. The more comm...

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Hope for the Vegetable Garden

Vegetables can still be productive for a couple more months depending on what crops you have been growing. Certainly long season crops like tomatoes, peppers, Swiss chard are there now and will continue to produce till frost for the tender vegetables and Chard will tolerate quite a bit of cool or cold weather. Root crops like turnips, carrots, beets, parsnips, potatoes and onions can be harvested...

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Pennisetum clandestinum yellowing fungul disease

The Summer of Lawn Diseases

Posted by Richard Hentschel -

Our weather up until these past few days has remained primed for lawn diseases. Homeowners who have taken great care of their lawns may actually see more turf diseases that the neighborhood courtyard or cul-de-sac where only mowing gets done. The ever popular textbook disease triangle image has been ringing loud and clear; if you have a pathogen present with a susceptible host and the right enviro...

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