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Time to Bring In The Houseplants

Summer vacation is just about over for our houseplants that we set out last spring and now the decision needs to be made of what comes back in the home for the winter. We generally consider any plant that cannot survive being outside a houseplant since many of them have a tropical background or are from a hardiness zone warmer than ours. For many, we take them outside to let Mother Nature nurt...

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Core aeration for the lawn

Homeowners have likely heard of core aeration as a way to relieve soil compaction in the lawn. While that is certainly true, coring has several more benefits for the grass plant, soil profile and microbial activity in the ground and thatch management. When the soil beneath the lawn is compacted, grass roots grow poorly staying nearer the surface and more readily impacted by droughts. Coring al...

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Have you walked your lawn?

Farmers walk their fields, vegetable growers walk their produce fields, have you walked your lawn lately? This time of year is a good time to find out what has been happening to the lawn and what you might want to do yet this season to make your lawn healthier. With all the rain we had earlier in the summer, pre-emergence products may not have lasted long enough and now you can find annual cra...

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magnolia scale on magnolia

Magnolia Scale

This summer has been exceptional for magnolia scale. Master Gardeners at the help desks have constantly been addressing this situation with homeowners for the last 5+ weeks. A typical life cycle of a scale is an overwintering female producing eggs under here protective scale covering. The eggs will hatch into very tiny crawlers that may resemble an aphid. These crawlers then move farther out on th...

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