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Glimmerschueppling Hexenring

The unofficial year of the fungus

While reviewing the University of Illinois Plant Clinic Newsletter, it became clear that this season has really been about diseases, starting with the usual and expected diseases that come along with the cooler temperatures and rains of spring. Plant diseases continued as our rains continued well into June. That set up diseases to be with us the rest of the summer. More infection earlier and longe...

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319px-Camp Fire  1

Firewood for the winter

About now homeowners who enjoy the crackling fire outside in the fire pit may be thinking about that transition to the indoor fireplace. Burning questionable quality firewood outside does not take away anything from the joy of sitting around the pit after dark. It can make a difference in the fireplace. Whether you cut, split and dry your own firewood or buy it for the winter, good management...

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Lawns are speeding up, gardens are slowing down, and insects are still here

Lawns are speeding up, gardens are slowing down, and Insects are still here October 12, 2015 We are having prime time weather right now for the family lawn. Our lawns known for being nearly completely cool season grasses continue to grow vigorously. Nearly because one of our pesky warm season perennial grasses is nimblewill. You will see it as patchy spots in the lawn already go...

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diplodia branches

Sanitized for your Protection

Fall is a great time to do clean up in the landscape that seems just like a lot of work with no immediate rewards besides just making the beds look better. The bigger story is when done you are indeed " sanitizing the yard for your own plants protection" Gardeners already know the benefit of cleaning up and getting rid of diseased plants and plant parts. These go to the curb in the la...

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