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Fireplace safety and firewood Q&A

Fireplace season is here. The First thing typically to do is get it cleaned if you have not cleaned it. This should go to the top of your projects list before you start up the fireplace or wood burner. Creosote buildup can catch fire and chimney fires are common during the winter. The fireplace or woodburner is not burning well even though I have seasoned wood, whats wrong?...

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Rabbit In Snow

Preventing wildlife damage in the yard

Before we get to the consistent cold of winter, now would be good time to deal with potential future damage to our landscape plants. This is one of those yard activities that will benefit the landscape next spring with more robust growth and less plant damage, and it is one I feel is important to address every year about now. Colder weather, frozen soil, fallen and windblown leaves and any acc...

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Storm damage to our trees

Our recent strong winds got our attention as damage to our deciduous and evergreen trees became a real issue. If we were lucky those downed limbs and trees missed our homes and cars. Trees that were already compromised were the first to be damaged. Trees with narrow crotch angles, poor root systems and interior decay did not have the structural strength to resist the winds. Trees that are still ho...

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Working With Winter Bulbs

Gardeners know about spring and summer bulbs and that we plant spring bulbs in the fall and summer bulbs in the spring. Have you ever considered taking some of those and turning them into "winter bulbs" by forcing them into boom during the winter months when the weather is dark and grey? While this may sound hard to do, it really isn't. There are a number of bulbs that will easily bloom for us....

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256px-August Macke Gartenarbeiter

Things you can do in November

Gardeners can easily find a lot to do out in the home landscape during November. As long as you can dig in the ground you can plant spring flowering bulbs. Retailers have been offering bulbs at some pretty good prices right now. The stores would rather sell the bulbs at a discount than have to deal with them later. The bigger the bulb, the deeper they can be planted. Two to three times their wides...

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