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Planting your fruit trees in the best location

Where you place your dwarf fruit tree home orchard or even the one or two fruit trees you are going to grow make a big difference in how the fruit tree grows and performs. A major consideration is the soil. Fruit trees are no different than other trees and shrubs in your landscape, they need good soil drainage. Placing the home orchard where water will drain away very soon after a rain event will...

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Training the Home Orchard

Just what do fruit tree experts mean when they say "you need train your fruit tree?" Home orchardists need to train their trees for structure to encourage fruit production and have a productive, high yielding home orchard. Proper training also gives you a tree that can hold the fruit load without needing any additional support. The scaffold branches need to be positioned to allow good sunlight thr...

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Apple tree in a garden

Planning for the Home Orchard

It has been a couple of years since I used the month of January to address starting a home orchard. The fruit and vegetable catalogs have begun to replace the holiday flyers in the mailbox and January is not too early to begin planning for a home orchard or expanding the one already there. There are several different kinds of fruit trees to consider, apple, cherry, peach, pear, plum. As we liv...

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Yellow Bird on Evergreen Branch  Boston Public Library

Recycle, reuse, and re-purpose your holiday tree

Just about now, you can see holiday trees sitting in the front or side yard, waiting for the assigned pick up date to be collected and mulched. This is one way to be sure your holiday tree gets recycled to the benefit of the environment. The follow through to getting your tree composted in a community program is to be sure your take advantage of the composted material later by bringing some back h...

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