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Vegetable Gardening This Early?

Gardeners growing their own vegetable transplants always begin their gardening season much earlier than the rest of us, especially if putting in that early spring garden. The decision of when to start those seedlings to be turned into vegetable transplants has everything to do with our traditional interpretation of "the average frost free date" Our average frost fee date for our area can be as...

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Cercis buds opening  6082474474

Getting some early spring bloom

It is way too early to be doing anything outside to brighten our view from inside, yet you can bring some of that spring color inside by forcing blooms on a number of flowering shrubs and ornamental trees in your home landscape. Early spring flowering shrubs produce their flower buds the summer before and after enough winter weather, those flowers are ready to bloom. It is the combination of warme...

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Twentieth annual catalogue - spring 1900  1900   19936761843

Catalog Code

Garden catalogs began to show up in early January and will continue a while. There may be plenty of phrases and initials that you know. There are some new ones now too. Vegetable descriptions will often include a number of initials at the end. These usually signify that the vegetable has been bred with disease resistance or tolerance to a disease specific to that variety. A tomato for example may...

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