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512px-Crab apple tree blossom

Dormant pruning and sprays for apple fruit trees

The weather is sure messing with our plans for early work in the yard. There is at least a couple of projects that not only can be done, but should be done as soon as possible and at the right stage of growth. Perhaps the more critical project is that of our earliest sprays in the home orchard. The foliage diseases for apples show up by wind with the spores floating along by the many thousands...

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500px-Plant Disease Triangle

Preventing vegetable diseases in the garden

Checklists can be useful garden tools to be sure projects and tasks get done in a timely fashion. Going down a checklist to lessen disease is just another part of planning what you are going to grow this season. My suggested list below covers eight points and is a great place to start. Not all will apply to every garden and some gardens may need to cover more. Grow disease...

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The fruits and fruit-trees of America   1889   14596626470

Planting Trees Correctly

Spring is a great time plant trees. Planting now allows the trees to establish a root system this summer. Trees ordered from catalogs are most likely going to be bare root with some form of moist packing around the roots to keep them from drying out. Those bare root trees should be kept cool and dormant until you are able plant them and the roots should remain moist. Add water to the packing mater...

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Degree Days and Chilling Hours

Wonder why sometimes the vegetables in the garden don't grow or produce as well as they should have? Besides the usual influences of our general weather conditions like too much or too little soil moisture, another factor is something called growing degree days. This is based on heat units collected as the spring, summer and fall weather moves along. We usually start to add up those heat units on...

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