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Edging and mulching landscape beds

Here we are at the end of May and maybe the beds in the backyard look ok or maybe not. We love our lawns, yet grass can move into our landscape beds in a stealth like manner, while we are waiting for better weather for bed weeding and edging. Putting a strong clean line on the landscape beds really makes a difference in how they look, bringing out the strong curves that make the bed flow throu...

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The Science of Phenology

This column has covered growing degree days, chilling hours, planting based on our average frost free date and growing season extender methods. One more to add to the list when it comes to insect infestations on our favorite plants is something called phenology. What a plant looks like and very specifically what stages their flowers are in can tell us it may be time to be on the look- out for and...

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The Worst Spring Lawn Weed

This spring has seemingly brought out the worst in some of our lawn weeds. Creeping Charlie, also called Ground Ivy has been the number one complaint I have had this spring while talking lawn care with homeowners and garden club members. Creeping Charlie quietly grew well into the fall of 2015 with the same great conditions that allowed our lawns to remain green well into late November last ye...

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