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close up of a young shoot killed by diplodia tip blight

Austrian Pines in Trouble

Since the drought of 2012, Austrian pines have been stressed, especially older trees. Austrian Pines are not native to Illinois, coming from western Europe into Asia, including Austria for which the tree is named. While tolerant of our weather pattern when young and growing well, Austrian Pine becomes more stressed as the years go by. The past two years a fungal disease called Diplodia Tip Bli...

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Leaf Bead Galls  Aculops rhois   10303668963

Weird Growths, Holes and Exudate

Insects are very interesting to watch as they go about their lives in nature from early spring through fall. We notice them when something goes wrong or missing on our valuable landscape plants and flowers, especially when those insects are considered detrimental to growing our prized flowers or being able to harvest that perfect vegetable. When we see missing plant parts, holes in leaves or f...

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Photo - Viburnum dentatum  Blue Muffin   flowers of

Transitioning from Spring to Summer

Nearly all our spring blooming plants have finished now and are in the process of putting their energy into storage if a bulb. Next year's flowers depend on the plants ability to continue to produce food reserves until they naturally die down. The very early spring bulbs have already disappeared from the beds in fact. Bleeding hearts are also beginning go away too. Currently daffodils are showing...

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640px-Oystershell scale on young blueberry

Watch out for scale insects in 2016

Last year gardeners were caught off guard with outbreaks of scale insects on their trees and shrubs. University of Illinois Master Gardeners received many calls of Magnolia foliage turning black and sticky residue on lawn furniture, yard ornaments and if you stood there for even a minute, all over you. According to our Extension State Entomologist, Dr. Phil Nixon, scale populations will greatl...

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