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Cyclocephal borealis Adult

Lets' talk grubs

To control or not to control, that is the question. There are two grubs that historically have caused us to ponder the control question, our native masked chafer (white grub) and our not so native Japanese Beetle. The masked chafer will lay eggs in the latter half of July in the norther parts if Illinois, the Japanese beetle is feeding heavily now and will also be laying eggs yet this month. B...

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512px-Sucker on tree

Gardening Q & A

Questions coming in over the phone, via email and with residents visiting the Master Gardener Help Desks is really an easy way to see any developing trends in the home landscape. Some weeks' it is all about insects, other weeks' plant diseases. Here are few from the past few days. Can I cut back my Asparagus now? You should really leave the Asparagus foliage standing until it...

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Flower Beds Need Some TLC

About this time of year gardeners are wondering why some of the flower beds are looking good and others never seemed to really take off and fill in. Garden soils can make such a difference in how quickly flowers will cover the bed. With all the rain we had earlier, poor drainage is often at the "root" of things with water logged soils and limited soil oxygen present. Good root development coun...

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