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640px-Hyalophora cecropia male pupa 3  MM

Keeping insect cocoons and pupae cases over the winter

Keeping insect cocoons and pupae cases over the winter Caterpillars are frequently collected by students for science classes, parents to show their little ones the amazing change from caterpillar to butterfly or moth. It is how they are handled after being collected that makes the difference in how successful your project is. Most of our caterpillars are found t...

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Everyone is thinking it, no one is saying it

Seems like summer took so long to get here with weather that was enjoyable and now those unspoken words have begun to enter our everyday lives, heard on the TV, references to it on the radio, thinking about ordering hot chocolate or hot cider instead of coffee, farm stands offering more than just summer veggies. Yes, FALL is on the way, there I said it. There are so many more days to enjoy yet...

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Fall Gardening Chores

August usually means lots of hot dry weather. During Last week we had at least one "rain event" that was pretty substantial. Some readers had several inches of rain in fact. Things we can do and see why we are waiting for things to dry out are: Lawns Clean the air filter on the lawnmower Sharpen the mower blade or blades for the fall mowing season...

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