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Landscape Cleanup Continues

We have had some good weather to begin or continue our fall clean efforts in the home landscape and days where it has been too cold and rainy to get out in the yard as we have wanted. Those days have allowed us to look out the patio window and see what else will need to be done before the "snow flies". Some perennial and annual beds have already been cleared of spent plant parts, leaving us with a...

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Fall colors

There are some good stories out there why fall color happens with credits to the changing temperatures, and a hot summer and wet fall and the best one "Jack Frost". While there clearly is some truth to changing temperatures and adequate moisture, Mr. Frost has little to do with the fall colors we enjoy. In fact, if we have an early frost that will be the end of our fall color. Fall colors are...

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racoon damage

Mysterious damage in the lawn

What do Squirrels, Raccoons and Skunks have in common this time of year? They all love to mess with our lawns right now. Squirrels have been foraging for food that can be stored for the winter in the landscape and part of that activity is burying seeds of all kinds from our trees and shrubs in the lawn, thinking that they will come back later and retrieve their buried treasure. Squirrels can be se...

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jumping worm characteristics

A new invasive pest coming soon to the soil near you

Many homeowners know about the Emerald Ash Borer and the vast amount of destruction to our ash tree population and likely the millions of dollars being spent to treat, remove dead trees and the replacement trees. Now we have another invasive pest, the "Jumping Worm". Jumping worms are native to Japan and the Korean Peninsula. While we consider earthworms in general a good thing for our soils,...

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