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Storing Pesticides for the Winter

Storing unused pesticides can be a troubling situation for home gardeners. Frequently asked questions include: Where can I keep them? Is it safe? Will the pesticides last? What about my children and pets? While buying in bulk might be good for dry goods and groceries, today the pesticide recommendation is to only purchase in the volume you expect to use in a single growing season, with an exce...

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Still Time for Late Fall Projects in the Yard

Time has run out for doing some gardening projects, but there is still time to plant your favorite spring flowering bulbs and prepare the home orchard for the winter. Bulbs that flower for us in the spring of the year need to receive a cold treatment, easily provided through our winter weather by Mother Nature. Spring bulbs have been available and likely now are on sale at many retail outlets....

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Down the Garden Path

Trees, dirt, fungus and bugs!

Time again to respond to several questions that have been coming to the Extension Office this fall. Q. How is the best way to handle newly planted trees and evergreens for the winter? A: Our weather this fall has really been great for the establishment of trees, shrubs and evergreens recently planted and those planted last spring. As a general rule it...

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It's for the Birds

Feeding birds is an annual discussion with homeowners who enjoy having birds in the yard over the winter. Let's start with the bird seed fact everyone should hear or read: All bird seed mixes are not created equal. Selecting bird seed means buying seed to attract your favorite birds and not just purchasing the least expensive bag on the retail shelf. Wild bird mixes most often contain mil...

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