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Keep an Eye on Summer Bulbs

We store our summer bulbs because they are not winter hardy compared to our spring bulbs, which generally are planted in the late summer and fall months so they will bloom for us the following spring. these are also different from those late summer to fall bulbs that also are hardy. Summer bulbs are planted after the danger of any late frosts have passed in the spring and are generally dug bac...

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Gardening in the House

About now, gardeners are beginning to get the annual itch. Catalogs can keep the urge down, but eventually it comes back, growing stronger and stronger – that absolute need to get your hands dirty. To satisfy the craving, we can do some gardening activities inside right now. If you start your own flower and vegetable transplants, it is time to round up the materials you will need to be...

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Pesticides – What are They?

Pesticides are used every day, but many people are not aware of their properties and that they may even be using them. A pesticide is any chemical (synthetic or natural) that is used to repel, control or kill a pest; this might be weeds, pathogens that cause plant diseases, insects or rodents. The word pesticide represents a wide variety of natural and synthetic products that also are known by...

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Using rain barrels to save water in 2017

Collecting, storing and using rainwater is a great way to maintain beds and landscape during those times when Mother Nature is not giving us enough water. A rainfall of one inch per hour on a 1,000 square foot surface will yield 10 gallons of water per minute, so it is possible to fill that barrel with the first rain event of the season! Gardeners who are really into collecting rainwater will...

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Keep Calm and Chill when it comes to our Warmer Weather

Boy, there has certainly been a lot of news coverage this past week or two about our higher than usual and even record-setting temperatures. Just about every arboretum and botanic garden, and even Extension, has been called on for interviews. No one's gardening crystal ball has been very clear, and there is not a lot we can do except wait and see. Part of the concern comes from gardeners alrea...

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