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Master Gardeners – Kane County

Master Gardeners – Kane County

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Gardening Courses, Webinars, and Resources

U of I Extension Four Seasons Gardening

Community Gardening Webinar Series -U of I Extension

National Cooperative Extension                                                                                                                                                                                                              Have you checked out the national Cooperative Extension’s Webinar listing service, this month? There are a number of Webinars (upcoming and recorded) on a variety of topics that Extension Master Gardeners might be interested in. See if one of the opportunities listed might appeal to your educational interests, especially one of these sessions:

North Central Consumer Hort IPM Programs

These learning modules are based on webinars held in 2012 and 2013 provided by the North Central Consumer Hort IPM Working Group and the North Central IPM Center. Cost is $10 per module. We anticipate most participants will complete a module in 3 hours of self-paced time. A printed certificate can be produced for EMG or anyone completing the modules. Each involves videos, readings and questions. Recognition of 3 hours of continuing education for each module.

Growing Shade Trees with IPM:
Growing Squash with IPM:
Growing Tomatoes with IPM :


The Study of Plants

A general botany course is Wayne's World-

Wikipedia explains different fruits and structures.

V Plants- A Virtual Herbarium of the Chicago Region

Dichotomous Key
This online key is great for identification of trees.

Online Botany Course for Oregon MGs

USDA Hardiness Zone map

Soils Links

Inherent Characteristics
For a Horticultural summary of soil properties, go to the Texas A & M site at

Soil Science Basics
For basic soil science information visit the PowerPoint presentations from U. of Wisconsin. Includes a fertilizer calculator.

View the Texas A & M site for an excellent discussion on plant nutrients.

To learn how to improve garden soil fertility visit this Oklahoma State site.

Visit the University of Illinois Urban Programs Resource site to learn all the ins and outs of composting.

Soil Testing
For a list of soil testing companies nearby visit-

To learn about soil sampling- visit the Illinois Soils Testing Associations website at

Fertilizer Calculations
For help with calculating the amount of fertilizer to apply to lawns or trees, visit these sites:

Illinois Soils
To learn about Illinois soils visit-

Soil 101: Intro to Soils  North Carolina Extension

Plant Diseases Links

For an excellent illustrated glossary of plant pathology terms, refer to the American Phytopathological Society's website-

University of Illinois Plant Clinic

Plant Disease Fact Sheets
Reports on Plant Disease from U of I (see manual)

Publications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For fact sheets from Cornell visit-

This site from Morton Arboretum gives advice on tree problems-environmental, diseases and insects.

Plant Disease Diagnostic Sites
Check out the University of Illinois Hort Answers website and search by plant type or by problem.

Insect Links

Basic Course Links
The basic Entomology course at Purdue has sections on classification of insects and characteristics plus much more. Visit the web site at:

The Entomology course for North Carolina Master Gardeners is a good resource:

A very good course for Kentucky Master Gardeners:

General Insect Resources
The National Plant Diagnostic Network has created this website to give Master Gardeners information about new exotic insects and diseases.

Natural Enemies of Insects
The " Master Gardener Research Program" page by Purdue University and the Illinois Natural History Survey contains information and photos on natural enemies; vegetable, landscape and turf pests.

Residential, Structural and Community Pests
North Carolina State maintains a web site of insect pests. Insect fact sheets and photos are classified by plant category.
Link to:

For information on the new citizen scientist network in Illinois to educate the public about pollinators-

Emerald Ash Borer
For information and webinars on EAB plus other insects pests like Asian Long Horned Beetle or Viburnum leaf beetle visit this site and also check out the EAB University.

Integrated Pest Management Links

National Pesticide Information Center- information on all types of pesticides, their modes of action, effect on environment, safety etc.

For University of Illinois Extension Illinois Pesticide Review website visit

Annuals and Perennials Links

An excellent database with photos- of all ornamental plants:

Design Considerations
For more information on specific flowering plant societies see the Purdue University listing of plant societies at

Growing Annual Flowers
For more information on some of the basic annual flowers see the University of Illinois Urban Extension web site on annuals at

For more information on the All-America Selections program and winners visit

Growing Perennial Flowers
For more information on some of the basic perennial flowers see

To learn more about shade gardening go to-

To learn how to force bulbs for indoor beauty in the winter visit-

Chicagoland Grows Plant Introduction Program

University of Illinois Videos
Videos on annuals, roses, and container gardening-

Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines Links

For a collection of consumer tree care guides by the International Society of Arboriculture link to

For a key to selecting trees for the landscape, visit the U of I Urban Extension Website

For specific information on urban trees and shrubs, visit this site-

For specific information on evergreens try the Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series (SULIS) from University of Minnesota.

To watch video clips on pruning from U of I educators visit

For plant and seed sources as well as plant information and pictures visit the Plant Info Site for Minnesota:

USDA Plants Database

Lawn Links

Turfgrass Basics
Visit this University of Illinois Extension lawn website for lots of good basic information.

Weeds in Turfgrass
For pictures of common weeds in the Midwest visit the University of Illinois Weed Science website.

Try this Penn State site for weeds:

Fungal Lawn Diseases
This site has excellent images and descriptions of common turf diseases.

For a slick calculator for lawn fertilizer

Fruits Links

Planning the Small Fruit Garden
See the Penn State University Small Scale Fruit Production Guide at

Tree Fruits in the Home Orchard or Landscape
See the tree fruit production guide from Penn State University at

Fruit Tree Pest Control
Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook

How to Espalier an Apple Tree

Vegetable Links

Growing Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins with IPM    

       Plant Selection, Growing and Management           Rhoda Burrows                    24 minutes

       Diseases of Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins     Michelle Grabowski              28 minutes

      Insect Pests of Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins Celeste Welty              25 minutes

Growing Guide
Cornell's home vegetable growing guide-

Heirloom Vegetable Gardening

For growing herbs in the home garden, including history, growing, drying and culture visit this West Virginia site.

Another great site for learning about herbs comes from the U. of Minnesota

Varieties for the Midwest from U. of Minnesota-

The Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners Citizen's science program:

Compiled by Monica David, Illinois Master Gardener Coordinator