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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.

Winter Squash

Winter squash is a misunderstood group of vegetables with an identity crisis. But the poor winter squash didn't do anything to deserve this bum rap. Many people decorate their homes with squash and pumpkins this time of year to evoke the fall season. Ask many of those same people about cooking that squash that has added to their décor, and you will get a blank stare and be asked "How? It's pro...

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One of the great parts of my job is that not only do I work with a subject I love, I get to surround myself with people who also love plants and gardening-- the Master Gardeners. I am always learning something new from them. About a month after I began working for U of I Extension, I took a tree identification class with Master Gardeners from all over central...

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Planting Trees

Though the growing season is winding down, there is still time to plant trees. In fact, planting trees in fall is probably a little better than planting them in the spring, and certainly a lot better than planting in the heat of summer. The big advantage to fall planting of trees is that the soil is already warm. This warmth will promote root growth and recovery from any str...

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Fall Lawn Care

Though the growing season is beginning to wind down, this is in fact the best time of year to give your lawn some extra attention that will help improve the quality of your lawn well into next year. I'll admit the lawn is just not my top priority. I would rather spend my gardening time with my flower and vegetable gardens. My husband Chris argued with me about the size of o...

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