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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.

Diamond Frost® Euphorbia

If you've planted annuals in your landscape at all since 2005, chances are you have at least noticed Diamond Frost® Euphorbia. If you've purchased this plant once, chances are you have purchased it every year since. It's just such a versatile plant for landscapes and containers. Diamond Frost® produces clouds of tiny white flower-like bracts that resemble butterflie...

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Ornamental Peppers

Peppers are not just for eating—some cultivars make a great splash of color in the landscape and are actually bred to be used as ornamentals rather than a part of the vegetable garden. Many ornamental pepper cultivars produce multiple colors of peppers on a single plant. How do they do that?. Actually what you see is all the same pepper, just in different stages of ri...

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Hardy Hibiscus

If you're looking for a flower that will turn heads and have your friends and neighbors asking "What is THAT?" then consider the hardy hibiscus. With flowers up to twelve inches across, they are certainly a show stopping addition to your garden. My first encounter with hardy hibiscus was seeing it in our next door neighbor's yard when I was a freshman or sophomore in high sc...

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Chinese (Tropical) Hibiscus

There are several species of hibiscus that people typically grow in their landscapes, but some are native to tropical places and will not overwinter here unless brought indoors. Chinese hibiscus is one of these tropical types. With a little extra care, it is possible to bring th...

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