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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.

Bletilla striata–Chinese Ground Orchid

Every gardener I know, including myself, seems to want what they don't have. Shade—just a little bit—is something I long for. Moving into an absolutely empty landscape four years ago means my trees are a long way from providing significant shade to my gardens. I have one corner of partial shade for which I am always looking for unusual plants. It's the only semi-shady place I have,...

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Costmary-- Chrysanthemum balsamita or Tanacetum balsamita

Sometimes it is a stroke of luck to take a chance and buy a plant you don't know much about at the garden center. I am a sucker for plants that look different, interesting or unique. In a perfect world I would go home and thoroughly research the plant before making my decision. The reality is often I am at a garden center that is a good distance from home and it wouldn't be easy to make a ret...

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Seedless Watermelon

While you enjoy the last breaths of summer at cookouts this Labor Day weekend, you may ponder this eternal question while enjoying a delicious slice of watermelon -- if seedless watermelons have no seed, where do you get the seed to plant it? Japanese plant breeders developed the first seedless watermelons over fifty years ago. Understanding the process requires basic knowledge of gene...

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