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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.


My husband was definitely lacking a green thumb when we met. His thumb has gradually taken on deeper and deeper shades of green, especially since we purchased our home. He works very hard to learn the names of plants in our yard, sometimes even learning the Latin as well as the common name. One of t...

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Spring Bulbs

Though we are surrounded by signs that the growing season is coming to a close and winter winds will soon be upon us, this is the season to plant some signs of spring—spring blooming bulbs that is. Location is critical in planting bulbs. Bulbs in general will perform best in well-drained soil....

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I was fascinated by bonsai the first time I saw some for sale at a local nursery in high school. They were as cute as could be—perfect trees in miniature. I surrendered $15 of my hard earned babysitting money and took home a little boxwood bonsai. It lived through the summer, and my efforts to overwinter it properly failed miserably. In hindsight, perhaps a mass-produced bonsai purchased...

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Fall Gardening To-Do List

Fall is a great time of year to evaluate the space needs of plants in your garden. If you are at all like me, each spring I think I have a lot more space than I actually have. I end up overcrowding my beds and sooner or later something has to be removed or relocated Take some pictures of your garden...

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