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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.

American Robin

Article ideas come to me from all sorts of places. Some of you may know, and many of you may not know that I work as the Horticulture Educator not only in Macon County, but in Piatt County as well. While I was in Piatt County this week, we noticed a couple of robins hopping around the sidewalk outside the front door of the office. Everyone, myself included, thought it was a bit odd to s...

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Managing Houseplant Pests

After all the Holiday decorations have been put away, our homes might look a little bare. It is the perfect time to brighten the space with a houseplant or two. Most indoor gardeners encounter unwelcome pests at one time or another. Typically problems begin to escalate during the winter months. In general, during winter our houses tend to be warm and low in humidity and light, whereas h...

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Winter is the season for citrus. One of my favorites is the Clementine. My husband and I have eaten four boxes so far this season! They are available for a relatively short time each year, so I thoroughly enjoy them while they last. What exactly is a Clementine? This question has sparked a lot of debate in our office. I always thought Clementines were the same as mandarin orange...

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Coffee as Fertilizer?

Questions come to me from a wide range of sources–the question that sparked the idea for this week's column came from a friend at the gym this week. Someone she knows uses coffee to fertilize a plant in their office. Supposedly despite being situated in a warehouse with little light, the plant thrives. So her question to me was whether this was true, was coffee some sort of magic elixir f...

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If you are looking for an unusual plant to perk up your post-Holiday home, consider the Clivia . The first time I saw one I had no idea what it was. Clivia is a genus of flowering plants native to South Africa. There are six known species. Clivia miniata is the most widely cultivated species, along with various hybrids. A common name for Clivia...

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