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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.


Cucumbers are a crop I don't ever remember my parents having difficulty growing in the garden. From a young age, I remember helping my mom pick lots of cucumbers to make into refrigerator pickles, still a favorite of mine today. You may not think of cucumber as "exotic", so it may surprise you to learn that cucumbers are believed to originate in India. It appears that trade routes helpe...

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Strawberries-- Fragaria spp.

Few would argue that a sure sign of summer approaching is the first strawberries of the season. You may think "First strawberries? But aren't they in the store all the time?" That's where as modern people we forget that every fruit and vegetable at one time was only available fresh for a limited time each year. With increasingly efficient shipping methods and produce bred to withstand t...

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Container Gardening with Succulents

The near-record hot weather this week reminded me why sometimes container gardening becomes more a chore than a joy. It took me an hour to get everything watered one morning this week, and I knew full well that I would have to do it all again when I got home in the evening. A sane person would probably cut back and plant less containers. I tried to do that, but the attempt was short-liv...

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Deer and Rabbit Damage in the Landscape

I grew up as a kid that loved all the wildlife that wandered into our yard. As an adult homeowner with a relatively new landscape in a new subdivision, I feel like I am in constant battle with the local wildlife, trying to defend my tender young plants. With each passing year, the local critters seem a little more accustomed to browsing the smorgasbord of my landscape. Recently I came upon a co...

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