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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.

Rose Rosette Disease

Coincidence is a funny thing. Back in 2009, one of our Master Gardeners showed me an article on rose rosette disease, a fatal disease spreading among cultivated roses in the midwestern, southern, and eastern United States. I agreed wholeheartedly with her that it sure sounded horrible and I was thankful I had never seen it in this area. I think that was what jinxed me. No more than a we...

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Feed Body and Soul with a Kitchen Garden

The Garden Media Group, a public relations firm that focuses on gardening, issues a yearly report on what they predict will be the year's hottest trends in gardening. They have labeled 2013 as the year for "finding your bliss" in the garden. Many of their predictions point to consumers finding spiritual fulfillment in the garden, no matter what is being grown. Vegetable gardening is one route t...

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Spring Crocus

Crocus are typically one of the first spring bulbs to bloom. But this year my bulbs were a bit confused. After the long, hot, dry summer we had, the rain last fall somehow triggered some of my spring Crocus to bloom, despite the fact that they are supposed to need a period of cold temperatures before blooming. Most of the Crocus in my yard held off and started bloomin...

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Apricots are native to Asia, and there is some debate on exactly where, since they were so extensively grown since ancient times, dating back to about 3000 years ago. Their Latin name, Prunus armeniaca is thought to have arisen from an incorrect assumption that apricots were from Armenia. The silk trade with China introduced Europeans to the apricot, and their popularity soared....

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