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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.


In my opinion, one of the greatest things on a blazing hot summer day is a cool slice of watermelon. A favorite family picture of mine is of me and my grandpa–I'm about five years old, and we're both eating watermelon. Young and old, we're sitting in exactly the same position, intently focused on the big watermelon slices in our hands. As a kid, I remember an added bonus of eating...

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Seven Sons Tree–Heptacodium miconioides

When I met my husband Chris, his thumbs were not even the slightest shade of green. He started to show some interest in topics related to gardening as time went on, but his budding interest really blossomed when we bought our home, and a year later bought the lot next door. The agreement when we purchased the lot next door was that the landscaping there would be his project, with my ter...

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Diamond Frost® Euphorbia

If you've planted annuals in your landscape at all since 2005, chances are you have at least noticed Diamond Frost® Euphorbia. If you've purchased this plant once, chances are you have purchased it every year since. It's just such a versatile plant for landscapes and containers. Diamond Frost® produces clouds of tiny white flower-like bracts that resemble butterflies. These are...

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The topic of groundhogs seems more appropriate for early February and predictions of spring's arrival, but if one has moved into your garden this summer, this is definitely a timely topic. Groundhogs, a.k.a. woodchucks or whistle pigs, are pretty tough to evict once they decide to move in. They are stubborn and strong, and can be dangerous if cornered. Groundhogs are very common...

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