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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.


The first time I encountered Liriope , I thought it was a grass. The leaves were about as wide as a blade of crabgrass and dark green. Then I read that a common name for this plant is lilyturf. But it is not a grass, nor is it a lily. Liriope is a genus native to East Asia. This genus used to be placed in the lily family, but recent classifications put it in the family...

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If you have ever witnessed a gigantic "dinner plate" dahlia, you know what a show-stopper these flowers can be in the garden. But this is only one form of the popular garden flower. There is a dahlia to suit just about any gardener's taste out there. Dahlias are a flower with incredible diversity. While there are only about 30 species known, there are over 20,000 cultivars developed fro...

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Fall Flowers

I read in an article recently that the mark of a "true landscaper" was planting fall flowers. Now I'm not sure I agree completely with the author of that statement, but I do think that choosing to plant fall flowers does open up a whole new world of gardening if you haven't tried it before. Growing up, my mom always planted annuals each spring, and they lasted until the first frost. As...

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Grafted Tomatoes

The first time I saw grafted tomatoes offered for sale, I thought it was a misprint. I'd heard of grafted fruit trees or grape vines, but vegetable plants? It fact it wasn't a mistake. There is such a thing as a grafted tomato. Commercial producers have used grafted plants for years with crops like tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber and melons. Grafting is still a relatively new phenomenon for...

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