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Tales from a Plant Addict

Fun (& a few serious) facts, tips and tricks for every gardener, new and old.

Tomato and Tobacco Hornworms

I've been growing a couple of tomato plants in containers on my patio this year, and have been pretty pleased with the results. The plants look good, and I'm starting to get a few ripe cherry tomatoes here and there. Growing tomatoes in containers is not without its challenges. For example, tomato plants in containers use A LOT of water, and it can be difficult to keep up with watering,...

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Daylily-- Hemerocallis

I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to daylilies. Growing up, they were on my mom's "do not plant" list, so we never had them in our yard, and I never dared to plant any. She disliked them because the ones she knew only bloomed once, she didn't think the tall foliage was particularly attractive, and they tended to overtake areas. Since I have my own home now, I am free to plant dayl...

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In search of a versatile shrub for your landscape? Consider Viburnum , a diverse genus containing over 150 different species, and hundreds of cultivars. Viburnums are native to the northern hemisphere, many native to North America. Ranging in size from small shrubs under three feet tall to small trees about twenty feet tall, there is no shortage in diversity among this genus....

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Monarch Butterfly-- Danaus plexippus

The monarch butterfly is probably one of the most recognizable of all the North American butterflies. Undoubtedly most of us have seen monarchs gliding by on many a warm summer day and haven't given them a second thought. But these once common butterflies are becoming increasingly rare. In the mid-1990's, scientists estimated that there were approximately 1 billion monarchs in North Ame...

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