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All issues concerning Small Farms, Agriculture, Local Food Systems, and the Natural Resources.

Fruit Trees Damageed by April Freeze What to do Now

Posted by Paul Mariman -

For growers whose orchards suffered or total or near-total crop loss in the freezes about 4 weeks ago, tree management, disease management, and insect management should be modified to reduce some expenses usually needed to bring marketable fruit to harvest. Here are few considerations ... Caring for Trees that Lost Their Crop due to the April 11-12 Freeze Damage f...

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Corn Emergence

Posted by Paul Mariman -

This is a post from oservasions made by Douglas Gucker looking at the Corn Emergence Corn Emergence and Spacing Problems Cutting Yield Potential EMERGENCE: (Photograph 1) At the tip of the pen that is a coleoptile that has not emerged and down the row is a corn plant in V2 growth sta...

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