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Acres of Knowledge

All issues concerning Small Farms, Agriculture, Local Food Systems, and the Natural Resources.

Illinois Farmland Leasing Changes

Posted by Myla Munro -

Data show that Illinois farmers own from 13 to 25 percent of the land they operate. Thus, Illinois farmers rent the majority (75 to 87 percent) of the land operate. Potential landlords include retired farmers, non-farm (individual and institutional) investors, and government agencies. Today's post reviews the agreements governing the relationship...

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The 2012 Drought, Net Incomes with and without Insurance, and a Policy Concern

Posted by Myla Munro -

The 2012 drought dramatically lowered yields on many Illinois farms, leading to large crop insurance payments. Herein, net incomes on Illinois grain farms with and without crop insurance are compared. A higher percentage of non-insured farms had low incomes than insured farms. These comparisons show that crop insurance reduced downside income ri...

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