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Acres of Knowledge

All issues concerning Small Farms, Agriculture, Local Food Systems, and the Natural Resources.

Monthly Fertilizer Prices: Spring 2014 with Comparisons to 2009 through 2013

Posted by Myla Munro -

Fertilizer prices have been increasing in recent months; however, per acre fertilizer costs should be lower in 2014 than in recent years.  In this post, monthly prices for anhydrous ammonia, diammonium phosphate (DAP), and potash are shown for 2009 through 2014.  In most cases, monthly fertilizer prices in 2014 have been below prices for the 2011, 2012, and 2013 crop years.  Prices suggest...

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USDA Estimates Reasonably Close to Expectations

Posted by Myla Munro -

The USDA's much anticipated estimates of March 1 grain stocks and 2014 planting intentions released today contained a few surprises, but no major shocks. March 1 corn stocks and planting intentions are a bit smaller than the average trade guess. March 1 soybean stocks were almost equal to the average trade guess, while planting intentions are slightly larger than expected. March 1...

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