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Acres of Knowledge

All issues concerning Small Farms, Agriculture, Local Food Systems, and the Natural Resources.

Check Your Fields for Stalk Quality

From my recent visits to local corn fields, I have been surprised by the rapid decline in this year's crop quality. In a sampling of corn fields in an area that has not received the flooding rains that others have. 20-100 percent of the stalks FAILED the "push" strength test. As you might expect, this is not good at all. In the last week, a number of corn belt universities have recommen...

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Nitrogen Deficiency and Disease Issues in 2015 Crops

I was out in area corn and soybean fields recently and the crops look good considering the growing season so far in 2015. Every corn field shows some signs of nitrogen deficiency and varying levels of foliar diseases. The yield estimates from these fields look to be be good, but there is a lot of variability within each field due to the heavy June rainfall. My concern with this year's c...

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